Voice over IP (Voip)

Voice Over Internet Protocol (Voip) is simply a phone service over the Internet. There are two main reasons to use Voip, lower cost and increased functionality.

Businesses need to be constantly looking for ways to cut costs and work smarter. VoIP Business phone systems can cut your line rental by up to 50% and significantly reduce call costs.

Increasingly, businesses are starting to use Voip to provide flexibility when employees are working away from the office. Incoming phone calls are automatically routed to your VOIP phone and anywhere you connect to the Internet, you can receive your incoming calls.

Smaller businesses can add more incoming numbers without the need to add more telephone lines. This allows you to have individual numbers diverted to different areas of the business, for example different telephone numbers for consumer Internet sales and trade enquiries.

Advantages include:
  • A cheaper alternative to land line calls, made over the internet
  • Potential to connect remote sites together to provide free telephone calls
  • Calls can be made from anywhere with a good internet connection
  • Remote and home workers can make calls as if they were at the office
  • Ideal for businesses with more than one site
  • Suitable for businesses who are moving areas but want to keep the same phone number